Women’s Shooting Academy

In Reno, Nevada there is a place called the Women’s Shooting Academy. Started by Vicki Kawelmacher this is a unique place devoted to shooting for women. If you have not heard about it continue reading and you will be impressed!

Vicki opened The Women’s Shooting Academy after personal and tragic events in her life reinforced the need for personal protection.

Vicki KawelmacherVicki KawelmacherHer handgun training began in 2002 with a Basic Pistol NRA Certification. Since then, she has continuously increased her knowledge and certifications in handgun carry and personal safety.

Vicki has a commitment to teaching women to protect themselves from becoming a victim of a violent crime. Her passion in teaching has led her to become a speaker about developing a preparedness strategy in your daily life.

The shooting academy offers many course design for women such as ;

Women’s Introduction to Handguns – Women’s Introduction to Handguns is a class specially designed for women who have always wanted to learn the very basics on handguns, self defense, and the sport of shooting. This is an introductory level class for the very novice future gun owner.

Introduction to Tactics – Introduction to Tactics takes over where the Introduction to Handguns Course leaves off. Now it’s time to really start working with your own firearm, doing some shooting and learning some tactics.

Introduction to Rifles – This class is perfect for the man or woman who has always wanted to learn how to shoot a rifle. It is an introductory level class that explains types of rifle actions, proper terminology, true rifle fundamentals and the shooting sport opportunities available to rifle shooters. You will learn to shoot from these positions, prone, sitting, kneeling and standing.

The W.A.R.R.I.O.R. In Every Woman – A warrior is a fighter. She is a women determined to win the battle. Every women has a warrior spirit. You must prepare for the predator that is ready to attack at any given moment. Awareness and the proper mindset will always play a key role in your safety. The warrior woman finds herself in many situations and places as she goes about her day. We will explore what to do at home, at work, in your car, while traveling and much more.

This is just a taste of what you can expect to learn at the Women’s Shooting Academy in Reno, NV. So don’t hesitate to read more about them and actually even visit the facility.



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