Watch This Video About How You Can Help Protect the Second Amendment

This is a good video and I felt it was worth sharing with you all. It details why the Second Amendment is so vital to our freedoms and our very ‘right to life’. People who vilify firearms are either fools or have sinister motives. Guns are not going to disappear from the Earth. That will never happen so the right for us as FREE people to bear arms must be preserved at all costs. And it MUST NOT BE INFRINGED UPON!

Right now laws are being proposed and supposedly going to pass that would hold firearm manufacturers liable if a crime is committed with the firearm they produced. And the dealer who sold the gun would suffer the same. Plus, if you sell a gun to someone else you would be held liable. What do you think will happen if a law like this is passed? It will be the end of gun sales in Colorado and that is exactly what the Democrat/Communists there want.

Don’t let your rights be taken away!

Solution To End Gun Control

Protect The Second Amendment

Protect The Second Amendment

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