Want the Feds to Keep Their Hands off Your Guns? Consider Wyoming!

Wyoming lawmakers have introduced a bill that would nullify any new federal restrictions on firearms in Wyoming and even going as far as

Wyoming Gun Bill Proposal

Wyoming Gun Bill Proposal

saying they will “jail” any federal agent who enters Wyoming and tries to enforce new regulations.

Wow! This is exactly what we need for the states to do! Show your support for the bill and call WY lawmakers and urge them to pass this. Does not matter if you don’t live there to voice your opinion on this!

From the Washington Examiner: Wyoming lawmakers propose bill to nullify new federal gun laws

Wyoming lawmakers have proposed a new bill that, if passed, would nullify any federal restrictions on guns, threatening to jail federal agents attempting to confiscate guns, ammunition magazines or ammunition.

The bill – HB0104 – states that “any federal law which attempts to ban a semi-automatic firearm or to limit the size of a magazine of a firearm or other limitation on firearms in this state shall be unenforceable in Wyoming.”

The bill is sponsored by eight Wyoming state representatives ad two state senators. If passed, the bill would declare any federal gun regulation created on or after January 1, 2013 to be unenforceable within the state.

In addition, the bill states would charge federal officials attempting to enforce a federal gun law within the state with a felony – “subject to imprisonment for not more less than one (1) year and one (1) day or more than five (5) years, a fine of not more than two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), or both.”

The bill also allows the Attorney General of Wyoming to defend a state citizen from any prosecution by the United States Government.

One of the bill’s co-sponsors, Wyoming State Senator Larry Hicks, told The Washington Examiner that this type of legislation sends a message to the federal government in Washington D.C.

Read the whole story here!

And more about the Wyoming law here

They are saying they actually expect this bill to pass!

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