Obama Posts Big Gains! In Gun Sales That Is!

Gun Sales Soar

Gun Sales Soar

Gun Sales Soar

There is an amazing trend in America. Ever since it appeared Obama was going to win the Presidency in 2008 gun sales have skyrocketed. And even today as the election draws near the very thought that Obama might win a second term is spurring record firearms sales. Of course, self defense and personal safety are the prime reasons for increased gun sales but the very thought of losing the right to purchase firearms is the motivating factor at this time.

We have a President that opening stated in one of the Presidential debates that he wants to re-instate an assault weapons ban and makes note saying that weapons used by the military should not be on the street. You mean like an AR-15 Mr. President?

From the Buckeye Firearms Association Website:

by Greg Sowinski

LIMA – Artillery Shed manager Josh Bayer has been trying to handle a gun sales boom this year best he can, although he says gun manufacturers have fallen behind demand.

The delays have gotten worse in recent months as the presidential election approaches and supporters of the Second Amendment fear new gun laws and restrictions if President Obama wins a second term, said Bayer whose store is in Lima.

Woman Guns

Woman Guns

“People are in fear. They want what they can’t get right now,” Bayer said. “Manufactures can’t keep up with what they want.”

Woman GunsVan Wert’s D & D Armory owner Brian Ellerbrock said he has had a steady increase leading up to the election. He said gun owners fear a second term for Obama would mean more restrictive gun laws, and people want to be prepared.

Gun stores are required to perform an FBI background check that screen a buyer to make sure he or she does not have a criminal record before the sale of a gun. Those numbers have been on the rise each year, and this year could set a record.

Through July, the FBI conducted 10.2 million background checks in the country for gun store owners which could beat last year’s record of 16.5 million background checks. During the presidential election in 2008, that number hit 12.7 million.

While the numbers are up, Ellerbrock said it could rise dramatically if Democrats maintain control of the White House. Some people are talking about guns and gun equipment but haven’t yet made purchases, he said.

“If Obama is reelected, we could see a drastic spike in firearms purchasing,” Ellerbrock said. “I think you will see shortages in ammunition, firearms and magazines.”

Ellerbrock said the waiting period to get certain guns will drastically increase out of fear if Obama is reelected.

“Manufacturers will not be able to keep up,” he said.

For Bayer, handgun sales are the bread and butter at the Artillery Shed.

“We sell more handguns day after day because of concealed carry,” he said.

Sgt. Al Mefferd of the Allen County Sheriff’s Office said people seeking new concealed carry permits also have been up this year. Through September, the agency has issued 434 new permits which tops all of last year’s new permits at 399, he said.

If you are seriously considering purchasing a firearm you better get going! And if you need ammo stock up now.




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