Let the Resistance Begin! Video Town Hall in New York on New Gun Law

Let it begin right where it started over 200 years ago in New England. There has been much talk of ‘massive resistance’ to Governor Cuomo’s new gun laws banning so called ‘assault weapons’ and limiting magazines to only seven bullets but this video ‘shows’ the resistance first hand. The great thing about this is the people are not afraid to publicly display the fact that they are not going to comply with this new law they feel is un-Constitutional.

Good for them! We all need to support them and plan to stand tall in the same way. If millions of us stand up against our government they won’t be able to stop us. We have a choice. Note: There are legal challenges being formed to the New York Gun Law.

Watch the WHOLE Video!

New gun law challenged as Cuomo’s approval suffers

Political fallout from the controversial SAFE Act continues for Gov. Andrew Cuomo. His approval rating has dropped 15 points, a gun rights group is laying the groundwork for a legal challenge, one lawmaker has launched a petition to overturn the law on technical grounds and another has proposed an amendment that would prevent the state from ever collecting gun registration fees.

According to a Quinnipiac poll, the new gun laws are a direct cause of the drop in Cuomo’s approval rating. Half of voters in households with a firearm now disapprove of the governor compared to a 68 percent approval rating among those polled in homes without a gun. His approval rating among Republicans is now at 44 percent. The gun laws go “too far” according to 59 percent of Republicans polled.

Even among independents Cuomo’s approval rating dropped 16 points, from 70 to 54 percent.

Read The Whole Story Here Which Details some New York Republican’s Attempts to Alter or Nullify the New York Gun Law Bill.

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