Illinois Legislature May Call For Vote On Concealed Carry Weapons Bill

Sometimes there is a little hope! The only state in the Union that DOES NOT have a concealed carry law may be getting closer to at least having a vote on it. State Representative Adam Brown (R-Decatur) is urging Illinois citizens to sign a petition that supports House Bill 5745, the Family and Personal Protection Act. This Bill would establish the standards to which a person could obtained a concealed carry permit in the state of Illinois.



Here is what Rep Brown said, “Illinois stands alone as the only state without a concealed carry law. Our citizens should have the right to defend their families from violent criminals. I am sponsoring a petition drive to show support for House Bill 5745. I think we’re really close to having the votes in the House to pass concealed carry. Hopefully, this petition drive will help get it done.”

In 2010 the Supreme Court overruled a long-standing ban on handguns in the city of Chicago basically saying the city (or state) has no right to ban firearms and cannot ‘overrule’ the Second Amendment of the Constitution. This seems like the next logical step in restoring Constitution Rights to the people of Illinois.

In 2011 the state house voted on a bill to authorize concealed carry but it lost even though the  65-52 vote was in favor of passage because Democrat Speaker Michael Madigan made a ruling that it would require a 3/5th’s majority of 71 votes to pass. Another case of some politicians playing political games to override the Second Amendment.

“It is very frustrating that Chicago political bosses continue to dictate our state’s gun laws,” Brown said. “I will always support the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners. Downstate legislators should stand up to the anti-gun Chicago politicians and demand that our constitutional rights be upheld.”

You can see the concealed carry petition at Rep Brown’s website

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Illinois Concealed Carry Ban

Illinois Concealed Carry Ban

In additional news from Illinois on Monday a Gun Rights Group filed an appeal to the Supreme Court after a federal judge upheld Illinois’s ban on carrying concealed firearms.  Here is the story…

In an opinion issued Friday, U.S. Judge Sue Myerscough said the Second Amendment gives citizens the right to have guns in their home — not carry them in public, the State Journal-Registerreports.

The opinion was issued after several citizens and gun rights groups filed a lawsuit claiming that Illinois is violating the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by prohibiting people from carrying guns in public.

“Plaintiffs argue that the Second Amendment protects a general right to carry guns that includes a right to carry operable guns in public,” Myerscough wrote, according to the Quad-City Times. “However, neither the United States Supreme Court nor any United States Court of Appeals

Second Amendment

Second Amendment

has recognized such a right.

Myerscough added that the “Supreme Court has not recognized a right to bear firearms outside the home and has cautioned courts not to expand on its limited holding.”

The Second Amendment Foundation believes U.S. Supreme Court justices will see things their way.

“The Second Amendment does not say the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed except outside your home or that it only applies inside your house. We don’t check our constitutional rights at the front door,” Alan Gottlieb, the foundation’s vice president, said in a statement.

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