Illinois Concealed Carry Law Passes!

Wow, imagine that! Concealed carry is now legal in all 50 states including the Communist leaning Illinois. Maybe there is some hope after all!

From The St Louis Post Dispatch: Illinois concealed carry now on the books – but not yet in the holster

IL Concealed Carry Law Passed

IL Concealed Carry Law Passed

Eric Moore of Waterloo checks out the Taurus Judge handgun at Curt Smith’s Outdoors in Belleville on Wednesday, July 10, 2013. Illinois became the last state in the nation to pass legislation for concealed carry. “I think it’s long overdue,” said Moore, who says he was looking for handguns for both himself and his wife. In the background is clerk Jason Sparn. Photo by Laurie Skrivan,

BELLEVILLE • Leaning against a display case at Metro Shooting Supplies in Belleville on Wednesday afternoon, Tyler Bennett showed how comfortably his Smith & Wesson pistol fit his right hand.

The 9 mm semiautomatic with a 12-round magazine, still warm from the 75 bullets that Bennett had fired through it at Metro’s indoor range, is small but powerful. Bennett said he selected it last year for the day that finally arrived Tuesday, when Illinois became the last state in the nation to legalize concealed carry.

“That (concealed carry) was in the back of my mind when I bought this gun,” said Bennett, 21, of Belleville.

Once the bureaucratic details are worked out, Bennett said, he intends to get a concealed-carry permit.

“If the day should ever come that I’m in a movie theater and someone starts shooting, I’ll have a chance to make a difference for myself and other people,” he said.

Bennett will have to continue to wait, however. Although Illinois lawmakers legalized concealed carry on Tuesday under orders from a federal court, it will be as long as nine months before gun owners can legally carry there. The law allows an implementation period of as much as six months, with another three months maximum for individual permits to be approved.

The Illinois State Police will use that time to set up a licensing apparatus to handle the anticipated 300,000 applications from Illinois residents alone. Setting up that system is expected to cost $25 million and require 60 new jobs.

The department also will start screening private entities to offer the unprecedented 16 hours of firearms training required under the new law. And the governor and state Senate will have to agree upon a seven-member review board to screen concealed-carry applicants.

Meanwhile, concealed carry remains, for the moment, technically illegal in Illinois. It’s a Class 4 felony, punishable by one to three years in prison.

“Today no one can lawfully carry a concealed weapon” pending the implementation of a concealed-carry permit system, said Illinois State Police spokesperson Monique Bond. “The Illinois State Police will continue to enforce the law.”

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