If You thought New York Gun Laws Were Communist Check Out What CA has in the works!

California lawmakers have new gun law proposals in the works that make New York’s new guns pale in comparison. Below is a partial list of some of the new proposals. And we all know that CA is controlled by the Democrats so who is going to stop them and how?

While states like Wyoming, Texas and now Alaska are either proposing or passing bills that nullify any new federal guns laws in their states we have New York and California going totally in the opposite direction. We truly are becoming ‘two countries’.

From www.ThinkProgress.org: California Democrats Propose Strictest Gun Regulations In The Nation

Thursday afternoon, a group of California Senate Democrats rolled out a legislative package that would create what

California Gun Ban

California Gun Ban

would likely be the tightest gun regulation system in the nation, ranging from sweeping prohibitions on semi-automatic rifles to restrictions on guns in the home. The proposal consists of ten points:

1. Ban all semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines.
2. Ban possession of high-capacity magazines.
3. Ban “bullet button” conversion kits.
4. Bans shotgun-rifle combinations.
5. Universal registration of all guns.
6. Background checks on ammunition.
7. Regulating gun loans.
8. Prevent prohibited individuals from living in homes with guns.
9. Cracking down on people who can’t own guns legally but do anyway.
10. Required safety training for handgun owners.

Read The Whole Story Here on New Proposed California Gun Laws

We are at a big turning point in our countries history. Right here, right now. Which way the country goes is up to you.

Here are more proposals that will blow your mind from SFGATE:

– Requiring all handgun owners to obtain an annual safety certificate akin to that required for obtaining a concealed weapons permit, which requires holders to take hours-long courses in gun use and safety.

– Barring the loaning or sale of a firearm between people who know each other personally.

– Requiring gun owners to purchase insurance to cover the cost of any damage that could result from use of a firearm.

– A 5-cent tax on each bullet purchased, with the money to be spent on either policing in high-crime areas or mental-illness screening and treatment for children.

– Requirements for ammunition sellers to be registered and sales reported to state officials.

In all, state Senate Democrats plan to introduce seven bills; while in the Assembly, 13 bills and one resolution have been introduced so far, and more may be coming. The bills contain multiple gun regulations.

California Communist Flag

California Communist Flag

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