Democrats Propose Bill to End Online Ammo Sales

Even though they publicly stated they did not support any new gun legislation before the election now it comes to light that the Democrats are trying to push through new laws to restrict the sale of ammunition through the internet. Is anyone really surprised?


Democrats Propose Online Ammo Sales Ban

Two Capitol Hill Democrats announced legislation Monday that would effectively end online and mail-order sales of ammunition following the recent massacre in Colorado, where police say the shooter bought more than 6,000 rounds online without proving identification.

The proposal was introduced outside New York City Hall by New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg and New York Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, and it marked the latest development in the gun control debate rekindled after 12 people were killed and 58 others wounded in the July 20 shooting inside an Aurora, Colo., movie theater.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia — one of the high court’s most conservative justices — also weighed in when he said on “Fox News Sunday” that the Supreme Court’s 2008 majority ruling on handguns in the District of Columbia stated the extent of limits on gun ownership “will have to be decided in future cases.”

The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act would require buyers who are not dealers to present a photo ID at the time of purchase, “effectively banning the online or mail-order purchase of ammo by regular citizens,” according to a summary of the legislation provided to Fox News.

The three other provisions are: Only licensed dealers can sell ammunition, the licensed dealers must keep records of ammunition sales and they must report the sales of more than 1,000 rounds to an unlicensed buyer within five business days.
Lautenberg and McCarthy said they will introduce the legislation later this week.

“If someone wants to purchase deadly ammunition, they should have to come face to face with the seller,” Lautenberg said. “It’s one thing to buy a pair of shoes online, but it should take more than a click of the mouse to amass thousands of rounds of ammunition.”
He also said the legislation is a “common sense” effort to flag suspicious activity and help prevent such sales to “a terrorist or the next would-be mass murderer.”

One of the most outspoken voice in favor of gun control since the Colorado shootings has been New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has continued to press President Obama and Mitt Romney to use the campaign trail to address the issue of gun violence.

“We should be having a great debate among two accomplished leaders and the people they’re asking to hire them,” said Bloomberg, co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. “If the presidential candidates won’t act, others will, including Senator Lautenberg and Congresswoman McCarthy.”

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Gun Ammo Bill Ban







Gun Ammo Bill Ban


One thing you know for sure is the Democrats motto of never letting a good crisis go to waste. They will try and use the Colorado shootings to their advantage AND try to do it without any of us knowing about it. That is how they work.

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