Colt Earns New Contract to Supply 1911′s to USMC

Sometimes it makes sense to go back to the good old days. Well, Colt was recently awarded a new contract to supply about 12,000 of the 1911′s to the United States Marine Corp. Bringing the 1911 back into service!

And the general public will be able to purchase in limited quantities! What more could we want!



Over 100 years later the Colt 1911 soldiered on in 2012 by capturing a huge new service contract for the United States Marines for an indefinite quantity, with a first order of 12,000 pistols, made by Colt Manufacturing in Hartford, Connecticut. We tried to get a review gun as soon as the news dropped, but the gun wasn’t available for the consumer market. Colts are generally tough to get anyway, because consumer demand is so high for them, yet on the handgun side, Colt is not a huge company.

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The Marine Corps has tapped Colt Defense LLC to make more than 10,000 new Close Quarter Battle Pistols for the service’s elite special

USMC Colt 1911

USMC Colt 1911

operations troops.

The July 19 contract, which has a total value of $22.5 million, brings an end to the Corps’ exhaustive search for the top .45 caliber, 1911-style pistol to replace the fleet of worn-out Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, or MARSOC, M45 pistols.

Colt Defense, based in Hartford, Conn., was the original maker of John Browning’s revered 1911 design – a potent handgun that served all branches of the U.S. Military for more than 70 years until it was replaced by the M9 9mm pistol in 1985.

Marine officials, however, say they didn’t play favorites.

“It was performance based. . . . We picked the best-performing pistol,” said Charles Clark III, who oversees infantry weapons requirements at the Corps’ Combat Development and Integration office in Quantico, Va. “There were three candidates that made the final round of consideration,” but Clark would not discuss the competitors.

In addition to Colt, Springfield Armory’s Full Size MC Operator and Smith & Wesson’s 1911 design were also contenders, sources tell

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