Colorado to Pass High Capacity Magazine Ban! Time to move!

If you live in Colorado and support the Second Amendment and the Constitution you might want to seriously consider leaving. It is being reported that the Colorado House gave ‘voice approval’ to a proposed law that would ban high capacity magazines. Of course, the bill passed on a party line vote meaning the Democrats have the majority.

Here is more from The Denver Post: High-capacity ammo bill, passes voice vote in Colorado House

After about 6 hours of debate, members of the Colorado House on Friday afternoon gave preliminary approval of a bill banning high-capacity

Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capitol

ammunition magazines.

“An overwhelming majority of Coloradans support limiting these high-capacity ammunition magazines and it’s our job in the legislature to implement the will of the people,” said House assistant Majority Leader Dan Pabon, D-Denver.

Republicans could force a roll call vote later today on the bill, otherwise a final House vote will be taken on Monday.

The vote came after Republicans implored members to vote against what they called a “flawed” measure that would infringe on Second Amendment rights and kill jobs.

“It’s not good for Colorado and I urge that we do what’s right and kill this bill,” said House Minority Leader Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs.

In a last-minute effort to kill the bill, Denver-based Alfred Manufacturing, announced Friday afternoon that if the measure passes, the company will leave the state.

The move follows the announcement from Magpul, Colorado’s largest and most profitable high capacity ammunition magazine manufacturer.

Republicans leadership presented the a letter from Alfred on the House floor.

“We are a third-generation Colorado company that has been committed to this state since my grandfather founded the company in 1948,” Greg Alfred, the company’s chief executive, wrote in the letter. “However, if House Bill 1224 passes, we will plain and simply have no choice but to relocate part or all of our operations to another state.”

Read the whole story here!

Some big name companies like MagPul are threatening to leave Colorado if this measure passes. No kidding everyone, we need to start living in and supporting the states that support the Constitution. That is real action we all can take and it would produce effective results over time.

Colorado Passes Magazine Ban

Colorado Passes Magazine Ban

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