The Famous Weaver Handgun Stance from Jack Weaver Himself!

Jack Weaver Handgun Stance

Anyone who is into shooting handguns has heard of the Weaver Stance. This is a great video with Mr. Weaver himself! Jack Weaver explains the shooting stance named after him to American Handgunner’s Jeremy Clough. Check out the other videos below also. Here are a couple more handgun stance videos […] Read more »

Colt Earns New Contract to Supply 1911′s to USMC

Colt 1911

Sometimes it makes sense to go back to the good old days. Well, Colt was recently awarded a new contract to supply about 12,000 of the 1911′s to the United States Marine Corp. Bringing the 1911 back into service! And the general public will be able to purchase in limited […] Read more »

Glock 19 Basic Field Strip

Glock 19 Holster

A few years ago I purchased a Glock 19 and have found it to be a very good handgun that is reliable, accurate (for a smaller pistol) and fun to shoot. It feels good in my hand and is small enough to be a conceal carry although much bigger than a Ruger LCP […] Read more »