The Famous Weaver Handgun Stance from Jack Weaver Himself!

Jack Weaver Handgun Stance

Anyone who is into shooting handguns has heard of the Weaver Stance. This is a great video with Mr. Weaver himself! Jack Weaver explains the shooting stance named after him to American Handgunner’s Jeremy Clough. Check out the other videos below also. Here are a couple more handgun stance videos […] Read more »

Thinking about Concealed Carry or a Gun for Home Protection? Watch this Important Video

Home Defense Women

If you had any doubt you should have a gun for protection and know how to use it watch this short video. Don’t kid yourself. Today’s world is not a friendly place sometimes and it is only smart to be ready if needed to protect yourself and your family.   […] Read more »

How to Shoot a Handgun – Basic Tips

Army Pistol Shooter

Actually shooting a handgun is very easy. Pull the trigger and you have fired a shot. But shooting a handgun accurately and effectively is a whole different matter. One of the very first world champion pistol shooters, Ray Chapman is claimed to have said, “Shooting well is simple, it just […] Read more »

How To Clear Handgun Malfunctions

Type 3 Malfunction

Firearms will malfunction. The question is not if but when. If you have a handgun that is for self-defense it is crucial that you know how to deal with and resolve a malfunction quickly and correctly. You need to practice, practice and practice (Don’t use live ammo to practice clearing […] Read more »