Biden: ‘We Have the Right to Decide What Guns You Can Have.’

Joe Biden Guns

Joe Biden Guns

Here we go again with Joe Biden. Reportedly at a Democrat retreat yesterday in Virginia he addressed the audience saying, “It is clearly within the right of the government to determine what type of weapons can be owned by the public.” Is that so?

Where does it say that anywhere? I don’t see it in the Constitution. In fact, quite the opposite where the Second Amendment clearly states our right to bear arms ‘cannot’ be infringed. Meaning the government cannot put restrictions on that right. Nowhere does it say they can decide which arms are allowed and which are not.

The only reason I put this up is so that we all clearly understand what we are fighting against. Remember, this IS the Vice President of the United States! He is not just some guy on the street corner voicing his views. If we don’t speak up and fight we will lose out rights. And once one right is gone the others will follow.

Here are some definitions of the word ‘infringed’

  • to violate or break
  • To transgress or exceed the limits of; violate
  • Obsolete To defeat; invalidate
  • to infringe is to encroach on a right or privilege or to violate

Clearly, if Biden says the government can decide what kind of guns we can have he is ‘infringing upon’ the Second Amendment and that is NOT allowed unless they change the Second Amendment.

Here is the Story from Tea Party News Network: Biden: Government has the Right to Decide What Guns You Own

An emotionally-charged Vice President Biden addressed House Democrats at their retreat in Virginia yesterday and assured them that it is their

Gun Control for Dummies

Gun Control for Dummies

duty to not let politics stand in the way, that it was imperative to keep America safe by passing gun control legislation and claimed,

“It is clearly within the right of the government to determine what type of weapons can be owned by the public.”

Biden reiterated the Democratic stance on gun control and discussed the executive branch’s agenda for gun control which includes a ban on what they deem “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines.

In a macabre fashion, Biden invoked the death of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, invoking bloody imagery by describing how those who were murdered were “literally riddled with bullet holes.”

However, despite the Vice President’s impassioned plea and gruesome descriptions, he did not actually explain how any of the proposed gun control legislation would have stopped the massacre in Newtown nor how such measures would affect violent crime rates in any meaningful way.

Biden was quick to point out, however, that he had helped create the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, but neglected to mention that it was allowed to expire in 2004 due to its lack of effect on crime rates.

And while the 1994 ban died after ten years from a want of results, Biden spent much of his speech assuring his fellow Democrats that the political atmosphere was now safe to push for gun control, that they will not suffer the much-feared political fallout from gun rights groups.

Politico reported,

“’Many of you have scars on your back like I do from having acted, attempted to act, and continuing to try act, to deal with the senseless gun violence in America,’ he said.

The former Delaware senator recalled the 1994 bill he helped craft, that included a now-expired federal assault weapons ban, and shortly after they passed it, Democrats ‘lost the Congress.’

‘Some people attribute that to the tough stands people had to take, particularly on the assault weapons ban,’ he said. ‘People have walked away learning the wrong lesson from that saying, “You know what? It’s demonstrable but it’s too risky to take on some of this stuff because look what happened last time we did this.”’


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