Ben Shapiro Schools Piers Morgan on the 2nd Amendment

This guy is the editor of and a very sharp young man. While I think he still could have been stronger he

Piers Morgan & Ben Shapiro

Piers Morgan & Ben Shapiro

did a great job and made it clear what the Second Amendment is all about the reason the Founders insisted it be put in the Bill of Rights. One of things that stood out is when Morgan calls the US Constitution, “That little book”. What a jerk. I wish he would leave this country. I heard people on the radio the other day from Britain saying, “Please don’t send him back! We finally got rid of him!”



Here’s the Second Amendment debate we all waited to see on CNN. Finally, they’ve included a guest to argue the conservative position who isn’t irretrievably crazy. It should be noted that after this segment, Morgan whined like a little baby to his next guest about how mean the intimidating Shapiro was to him on his own show. Clearly, Morgan is not used to debating people who are capable of holding their own. His weakness in this regard was as naked as the position he advocated.


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