The Famous Weaver Handgun Stance from Jack Weaver Himself!

Jack Weaver Handgun Stance

Anyone who is into shooting handguns has heard of the Weaver Stance. This is a great video with Mr. Weaver himself! Jack Weaver explains the shooting stance named after him to American Handgunner’s Jeremy Clough. Check out the other videos below also. Here are a couple more handgun stance videos […] Read more »

Colorado Soon to Pay The Price for Their New Gun Laws

Colorado Gun Laws

So many states are rushing to pass any and all restrictions on firearms that they can while the memories of the Sandy Hook shootings stay fresh in the public’s minds. But there are going to be consequences to the Democrats actions on this matter that is so important to freedom […] Read more »

True Heroes at the Boston Marathon Bombing

Tough Ruck Soldiers Boston Marathon

These are the true heroes of our society. It is too bad that so many in this country idolize rock stars and movie actors instead. (Please excuse the source of this but the story is too great to ignore). From Mother Jones: These Soldiers Did the Boston Marathon Wearing 40-Pound […] Read more »

Restaurant Offers Free Food to Concealed Carry Permit Holders!

Free Food for Concealed Carry Permit Holders

This is my kind of place! The owner of this business is not afraid to publicly show his support for the 2nd Amendment. This is what we need more of and to happen ALL over this country! From WLOX 13: Restaurant offers free food for concealed carry holders BOSSIER CITY, […] Read more »

GOP Sells out the Constitution on 2nd Amendment!

John McCain Sells Out on Gun Issue

Most of you probably already know that several Republican Senators sold us all out last week on Gun Rights when they voted with the Democrats on Harry Reid’s Gun Control Measure. Here is a list of the GOP Senators voting with the Democrats. Make sure you call their offices and […] Read more »

Mark Kelly Warning to Republicans: Don’t Filibuster Gun Control

Mark Kelly

So now Republicans are being threatened by former Navy Captain and NASA astronaut Mark Kelly if they dare to try and stop the Democrats gun control bill via filibuster. So who thinks a GOP Senator might lose their seat if they try and stop the gun control bill? We think […] Read more »

Hunters Boycotting the State of Colorado Over It’s New Gun Laws

Colorado Hunting Boycott

The only way we will ever have a chance to stop the slow process of making the 2nd Amendment irrelevant will be to do things like this. From THE GAZETTE: Colorado hunting faces backlash over gun control laws Colorado’s hunting industry is facing a backlash from outdoor enthusiasts across the […] Read more »