Army Vet Faces Up to 7 Years in Jail for Selling Empty Magazines in NY!

Here is another case of our government out of control. Former Army Soldier Nate Haddad was going to sell some of his “empty” AR-15

Nate Haddad Charged by New York State

Nate Haddad Charged by New York State

magazines but New York police instead decided he was a criminal because the magazines were 30 rounders.

(Read How You Can Help Nate Defend Himself Here)

So this is the thanks the state of New York gives a Veteran of our armed forces. My advice is that if you support the Second Amendment and the Constitution you should move out of New York and any other state that is governed by people that are communist in nature and disregard the Constitution.

From WGRZ2: Army Vet Charged For Possession of Illegal Magazine

WATERTOWN, NY – Nate Haddad retired from active duty in the U.S. Army in 2010 (following 12 years of service) after he hurt his shoulder during special forces training.

Last month he says he was parked along a road not far from his home in the state’s North Country, where he still works at Fort Drum as a civilian employee.

When approached by police, he told them he was meeting someone interested in perhaps buying from him some empty, 30-round magazines for an AR-15 rifle, the same type he once carried into combat.

Since 1994, however, magazines over 10 rounds have been illegal in New York State, unless they were manufactured prior to when that law went into effect.

“I certainly did not think I was committing a felony crime by having these,” Haddad told WGRZ-TV, while speaking of the magazines, which he claims he bought at an army surplus store.

“My understanding of what I had in my possession was that it was manufactured before 1994, but the arresting officers told me otherwise after I showed them the magazines that I had in my possession,” Haddad said.

Haddad now finds himself charged with five counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Third Degree, a Class D Felony in New York State punishable by up to seven years in prison.

Earlier this week, Jefferson County prosecutors offered Haddad a deal, according to Haddad’s attorney Seth Buchman, who said the offer was for his client to plead to five misdemeanor counts, in exchange for which Haddad would get a conditional discharge, sparing him from incarceration.

Haddad turned down the offer.

“Even if I took that deal I would still be branded as a criminal, and I don’t think I should be,” Haddad said.

Read More Here about how you can help Nate Haddad with his legal bills Please Help!

Nate Haddad Charged by New York State

Nate Haddad Charged by New York State

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