Arizona Gun Store Owner Tells Obama Voters “You are Not Welcome!”

This is an interesting story about a man who is not afraid to publicly speak his mind. He does not worry about being politically correct.

An Arizona gun shop owner is openly telling people who voted for President Obama that their business is not welcome at his store. The story is creating national headlines and the gun store owner is not backing down one bit.

From TMP:  Anyone who voted for President Obama is banned from my gun store!

Cope Reynolds knew he was going to stir up trouble when, shortly after the election, he took out a newspaper ad declaring anyone who voted for President Obama was banned from his small-town Arizona gun shop.

But in an interview with TPM on Monday, he said the trouble has been relatively minor compared to the praise he’s gotten from gun enthusiasts around the world.

“We’ve even gotten calls from Afghanistan, England, almost every state in the union. Overwhelmingly they’re in support,” Reynolds said by phone. “You can always tell the ones that are not — nine out of 10 of them start out with vile and nasty language. And I guess they don’t have the intelligence to carry on a conversation like an adult. Probably about 75 percent have been for it, maybe even more than that.”

Sure, there have been people who are unhappy with him, too. He said he has even gotten death threats: “Just comes with the territory I guess.”

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