Another State Blocks Gun Rights Bill – New Hampshire “Live Free or Die?” Yea, right!

With Florida now ‘re-examining’ their “Stand Your Ground” law after the George Zimmerman case New Hampshire has blocked three bills that

2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment

would have expanded Gun Ownership Rights. The lawmakers claim that during a time when “gun violence is dramatically increasing” making it easier for people to legally own guns is a huge mistake. Sure, sure. Funny how the Constitution of the United States of American does not put restrictions on gun ownership. It is VERY clear that everyone has the Right to own a gun. Period! If we don’t fight with everything we have the recent gains we have made around the country for gun rights will disappear faster than you can blink an eye. Stand firm!

From the Union Leader Newspaper:

State House Bureau

Published May 3, 2012 at 3:00 am (Updated May 3, 2012)

CONCORD — Citing recent gun violence in the state, the Senate killed a bill that would have made permits optional to carry a loaded, concealed firearm.

House Bill 536 was the last of three bills that would have expanded gun rights that Gov. John Lynch said he would veto. All three were either killed or sent to interim study by the Senate this session.

The bill would have allowed “constitutional carry” or would not have required a license or permit to carry a firearm and would have allowed anyone to have a gun in their home, dwelling or place of business. That included those prohibited from having a weapon for other reasons, such as being a convicted felon, convicted of domestic abuse, or mentally unstable.

The Senate first voted down party lines 19-5 to approve changes to the House-passed bill, but then voted 17-7 to table the bill, effectively killing it for this session.

Senate President Peter Bragdon, R-Milford, said he does not expect the Senate to take any further action on the bill this session.

Sen. Sharon Carson, R-Londonderry, urged the groups and organizations on all sides of the issue to work together over the summer to come up with a compromise that will work.

Supporters said the changes the Senate made in the House-passed bill would provide the necessary reasonable restrictions without inhibiting anyone from legally carrying a weapon in the “Live Free or Die state.”

Opponents argued the recent spate of gun violence in the state should cause lawmakers to slow down in expanding gun rights.

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  1. jackmanmx says:
    This is happening in more places than you realize because we don’t hear about it on a national level. They will never stop trying to take our guns.

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