84 Year Old Man Shoots Intruder with German Luger

Here is another great story about a man protecting himself through the use of a gun in his home. Don’t think this guy will have any future problems with people breaking into his house! Lets hope they give him his Luger back quickly!

84 Year Old Shoots Intruder

84 Year Old Shoots Intruder

From http://www.wpxi.com:


Police said they caught a home invasion suspect moments after he was shot while breaking into a home Tuesday morning.

According to police, Raymond Hills, 25, fled from the Elizabeth Township home just after 4:30 a.m. when 84-year-old Fred Ricciutti shot him with the German Luger he used in the Korean War.

“I said ‘Halt, who’s there?’” said Ricciutti. “I’m thinking, friend or foe, he shouldn’t be there that time of day.”

Ricciutti said he was awoken when he heard Hiles breaking in through an unlocked kitchen window. When he confronted the intruder standing in his doorway, Ricciutti fired.

The bullet grazed Hiles in the back of the neck, as well as a door and storm door window.

German Luger

German Luger

Ricciutti said he then called police, and Hiles was caught a few blocks away from Ricciutti’s home.

According to police, Hiles had a screwdriver and stun gun on him when Elizabeth Township police arrested him.

Officials said Hiles was taken to jail Tuesday wearing a bandage on his neck from the bullet wound.

Get Off My Lawn!

Get Off My Lawn!

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  1. kpiper says:
    Way to go Fred! We are proud of you for standing your ground and defending your home.

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