It Has Happened! New York’s SAFE Act Nabs its First Criminal!

Greg Dean New York SAFE Act

Well, the title of this post should be more like ‘New York’s new Communist law put in place by its Constitution hating Governor Andrew Cuomo puts in jail the first victim’. It is being reported that Greg Dean was arrested for violating New York’s SAFE act for having nine bullets […] Read more »

ESPN Sports Commentator ‘Palin Addressed ‘Dumb,’ ‘Angry,’ Phony Patriots at NRA Convention’

Palin Yet to Fight Speaks to NRA

You realize how bold the liberal/communists/fools in this country are now when they don’t hesitate one second to voice their moronic opinions. This is another example. A sports reporter bashing Palin and the NRA at the same time. We have a huge fight people. Don’t forget it! From Mike […] Read more »