Hunters Boycotting the State of Colorado Over It’s New Gun Laws

Colorado Hunting Boycott

The only way we will ever have a chance to stop the slow process of making the 2nd Amendment irrelevant will be to do things like this. From THE GAZETTE: Colorado hunting faces backlash over gun control laws Colorado’s hunting industry is facing a backlash from outdoor enthusiasts across the […] Read more »

Bloomberg Attacks NRA with $12 Million Anti Gun Ad Buy. NRA Fires back!

Bloomberg NRA Battle

The battle is on between the NRA and Michael Bloomberg who plans to purchase 12 million dollars worth of advertising to target senators and pressure them to vote for stronger gun control laws. NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre fired back saying Bloomberg, “can’t buy America.” From Fox News: NRA chief says […] Read more »

Senator Ted Cruz Teaches Dianne Feinstein a Lesson on the Constitution

Cruz Feinstein Gun Control

Ted Cruz is one of the best we have in Washington when it comes to defending the Constitution. We should all support him 100%. Notice how when you disagree with a liberal they try to berate and belittle you instead of debating the point. If you support the 2nd Amendment […] Read more »

Gun Confiscation! Think it Can’t Happen Here? It Already Did! (Video)

Come and Take It

This video will shock you. Law abiding citizens who had their guns taken from them at gun point by local police officials during a time of crisis. Exactly when these citizens needed their weapons! This demonstrates how quickly gun confiscation could happen and how powerless you would be to stop […] Read more »

Hypocrite of the Year! Mark E. Kelly – Proposes Ban on Assault Weapons While Buying one Himself!

Mark E. Kelly

This is typical of the people who think they are smarter and better than everyone else. Husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords who has focused his recent life on parading around the country in support of an assault weapons ban was recently seen buying one for himself with the high-capacity […] Read more »

Sen. Feinstein it is “legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines.”

Feinstein Hunting Humans

When you take a close look at the leaders of the Democratic Party that are hell-bent on destroying the Second Amendment you have to ask yourself why? What are their true motives? And when you hear one of their leading proponents of new guns laws say things that are truly […] Read more »

Watch This Video About How You Can Help Protect the Second Amendment

Protect The Second Amendment

This is a good video and I felt it was worth sharing with you all. It details why the Second Amendment is so vital to our freedoms and our very ‘right to life’. People who vilify firearms are either fools or have sinister motives. Guns are not going to disappear […] Read more »