Obama Supporter, “Self Defense is Not an Option. You Just Have to Kill Me”

Obama Supporter Says Just Have to Kill Me Then

Guess I have heard it all now! So if you are an Obama supporter (I assumed this because she had an Obama hat on) and if you don’t support the right to bear arms then if someone tries to kill you with a gun you will just have to let […] Read more »

Women Taking Joe Biden’s Advice & Using a Shotgun! (Video)

Joe Biden Go Buy a Shotgun

If anyone had ANY doubt at all that the Vice President of the United States of America is a moron then this video will make it perfectly clear. I mean think about this…really think about this…Joe Biden is one heart beat away from being President! How could this be? The […] Read more »

Federal Appeals Court Refuses to Re-consider IL Concealed Carry Ruling

IL Concealed Carry Ban UnContitutional

This is great news if you live in Illinois! A federal appeals court refuses to hear an appeal to a lower courts ruling that the IL ban on carrying concealed weapons is unconstitutional. There is still hope in IL! Now the state could appeal to the Supreme Court but they […] Read more »

Army Vet Faces Up to 7 Years in Jail for Selling Empty Magazines in NY!

Nate Haddad Charged by New York State

Here is another case of our government out of control. Former Army Soldier Nate Haddad was going to sell some of his “empty” AR-15 magazines but New York police instead decided he was a criminal because the magazines were 30 rounders. (Read How You Can Help Nate Defend Himself Here) […] Read more »

Rand Paul Warns! Would Obama Kill Americans in the USA with Drones?

John Brennan Drone Strikes on Americans

Why the American people are not protesting in Washington DC with pitchfork and shovels over this I will never understand. And how can the rest of the Republican Party be totally silent on this matter? Rand Paul is the only one standing up and shouting to all of us to […] Read more »

Columbine Shooting Survivor Asks Obama, “Whose side are you on?”

Obama No Guns

Evan Todd, someone who was wounded but survived the 1999 Columbine High School shooting has some strong comments for President Obama in an open letter he recently posted. Please read the letter and I am sure you will agree the guy is right on the mark. What is going on […] Read more »

Joe Biden says, “Go Buy a Shotgun! You Don’t Need an AR-15″

Joe Biden Says Buy a Shotgun

Our vice president continues to say things that amaze those of us who actually have a brain. The latest is telling everyone that we should own a shotgun and not an AR15 for self protection. That all you need to do is fire a couple blasts from shotgun and you […] Read more »

Drones! Ok to Kill Americans with them? Obama Admin Says it is.

Drone Attacks on Americans

Are you at all concerned about the use of drones over the United States? Well, it is happening and going to happen a whole lot more in the near future.  You probably heard about the NBC News story concerning the use of drones by the Obama administration to kill an […] Read more »