Mayor of Chicago Pushes Banks to Stop Working with Gun Manufacturers

Rahm Emanuel Bank of America

This is an amazing story of the arrogance and Communist mentality of Rahm Emanuel. Apparently the Mayor of Chicago and former Obama Chief of Staff thinks he has the power and the right to try and bully private businesses not to do business with other private businesses. This is sad […] Read more »

Mayor Bloomberg “Mr. Gun Control” Refuses to Disarm His Security

Bloomberg Gun Control

Does anyone not realize the hypocrisy of our elected leaders? Here we have New York City Mayor Bloomberg being asked if he would disarm his security detail since he advocates disarming the public and denying them of their Second Amendment rights and not being willing to answer the question. Make […] Read more »

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne “We Broke the NRA!”

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne

Isn’t it something the difference between the police and the sheriff’s? While many sheriff’s around the country are publicly coming out and telling Obama they will not enforce any new gun laws he may try to jam down our throats here we now have San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne […] Read more »

Is Rebellion the Only Way to Save America? This Retired Colonel Thinks So!

Destroying America

Retired Army Colonel Lawrence Sellin who just happens to also hold a PHD wrote a piece in the New York Daily Sun openly stating he thinks the only answer to the problems this country faces is “A county by county battle is the means by which the American people can […] Read more »

Gov. Cuomo “Come and take it away!”


Is a revolt in the making in New York over Governor Cuomo’s new gun laws? Lets hope so! There are many reports stating that legal gun owners in New York state are going to massively resist the new gun laws requiring registration of their so called assault rifles. The original […] Read more »

Wisconsin Sheriff Urges You to Get a Gun and Training to Defend Yourself!

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark

If you live in the Milwaukee, WI area Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. is asking residents to consider purchasing a gun and get training so they know how to use it. What a novel notion huh? Learn to defend yourself in case an intruder breaks into your home or […] Read more »

Tiananmen Square Protester Now American Citizen Explains The 2nd Amendment

Tiananmen Square Protest Tank

This is a very compelling and moving video. Please watch it until the end. When a former Tiananmen Square Protester who is now an American citizen tells you that his former government (China) says that power over the people comes from the ‘barrel of a gun’ and that in his […] Read more »