How To Clear Handgun Malfunctions

Type 3 Malfunction

Firearms will malfunction. The question is not if but when. If you have a handgun that is for self-defense it is crucial that you know how to deal with and resolve a malfunction quickly and correctly. You need to practice, practice and practice (Don’t use live ammo to practice clearing […] Read more »

Outrage! Washington DC Police Try To Steal Military Members Weapons


Most of you know that Washington DC and Illinois are the two places in the country where you cannot conceal carry a firearm. The last two years there have been two disturbing stories about military personnel being put in jail and their weapons being taken from them. The first episode […] Read more »

Some Basic Survival Tips

Lean To

When people think about survival situations, one of the very first questions they ask is ‘can’ you live and survive in the wilderness. Of course the answer is yes! The very next question (and a logical follow up to the first question), is ’how’ can you live and survive in the […] Read more »

Illinois Legislature May Call For Vote On Concealed Carry Weapons Bill

Illinois Concealed Carry Law

Sometimes there is a little hope! The only state in the Union that DOES NOT have a concealed carry law may be getting closer to at least having a vote on it. State Representative Adam Brown (R-Decatur) is urging Illinois citizens to sign a petition that supports House Bill 5745, the Family […] Read more »

Glock 19 Basic Field Strip

Glock 19 Holster

A few years ago I purchased a Glock 19 and have found it to be a very good handgun that is reliable, accurate (for a smaller pistol) and fun to shoot. It feels good in my hand and is small enough to be a conceal carry although much bigger than a Ruger LCP […] Read more »

M1 Garand Rifle – A Brief History

M1 Garand

A brief history of the M1 Garand Rifle. Unofficially named ‘The Garand’ after its legendary designer, John Garand, the M1 Garand Rifle is one of the most famous firearms in the history of the United States. General George S. Patton once said the M1 is “the greatest implement of battle […] Read more »

Another State Blocks Gun Rights Bill – New Hampshire “Live Free or Die?” Yea, right!

Don't Tread On Me

With Florida now ‘re-examining’ their “Stand Your Ground” law after the George Zimmerman case New Hampshire has blocked three bills that would have expanded Gun Ownership Rights. The lawmakers claim that during a time when “gun violence is dramatically increasing” making it easier for people to legally own guns is a […] Read more »