Dianne Feinstein “We are also looking at a buy-back program”

Gun Rights Second Amendment

The anti gun advocates are waging an all out effort to ban guns. If you think your Second Amendment Rights are not in jeopardy right now you are kidding yourself. We must get engaged and fight back with everything we have before it is too late. When Obama won re-election it […] Read more »

Thinking about Concealed Carry or a Gun for Home Protection? Watch this Important Video

Home Defense Women

If you had any doubt you should have a gun for protection and know how to use it watch this short video. Don’t kid yourself. Today’s world is not a friendly place sometimes and it is only smart to be ready if needed to protect yourself and your family.   […] Read more »

Court Strikes Down Illinois Ban on Carrying Concealed Weapons

Illinois Concealed

Illinois is the only state left that bans carrying a concealed weapon. From the AP: CHICAGO (AP) — In a major victory for gun rights advocates, a federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down a ban on carrying concealed weapons in Illinois – the only remaining state where carrying concealed […] Read more »

Support Your Gun Rights – Sign This Petition Today!


There is a major attack on the Second Amendment going on right now…today! While many of you think there is nothing we can do about it that would be incorrect. We must fight back or we will lose the Second Amendment forever. Once it is gone it won’t be coming […] Read more »

Arizona Gun Store Owner Tells Obama Voters “You are Not Welcome!”

Obama Voters Not Welcome

This is an interesting story about a man who is not afraid to publicly speak his mind. He does not worry about being politically correct. An Arizona gun shop owner is openly telling people who voted for President Obama that their business is not welcome at his store. The story […] Read more »

Is ‘Big Brother’ Actually Happening Here in America?

National Security Agency

An important and compelling case will be heard by the Supreme Court on Monday concerning the question of our own government going too far in its surveillance and monitoring or emails and international phone calls. Many critics of the program even suggest that it is not being limited to international […] Read more »