14 Year Old Boy Shoots Intruder

This is the kind of news story that you have to dig deep to find. The media really does not want to spread the word that having a gun in your home for self defense is a good idea and training your kids how to use it properly is even worse to them.

The story goes like this; on Friday afternoon the 14 year old was home watching over his younger siblings who were eight, ten and twelve years old when he heard the front door bell ring. After looking out a window and not recognizing the woman at the front door he decided not to open it. Within a very short period of time he heard a loud bang on the front door and decided to gather his siblings and rush them upstairs into his parents bedroom.

He grabbed his parents handgun and returned to the top of the stairs to see a man breaking down the front door and proceed to point a gun at him. The 14 year old quickly shot the 37 year man which stopped him at the door. The intruder was taken to a hospital and is in critical condition.


From http://abcnews.go.com

Phoenix police Officer James Holmes hailed the teen’s actions and his parents for teaching the kids to never open the door to strangers.

“The police and indeed our community does not ever want to see a situation where a teenager of that age has to take a weapon to protect his family … but this young man did exactly what he should have done,” he said. “I’m not sure he gave full thought about what he had to do. He just acted.”

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